ABS PV Quality


The production of our equipments consist of a series of quality check points, performed by the in-house quality assurance team. All components, at the end of each process are transferred to the next step via the control team, carrying out various test methods. As each process is subject to statistical quality control procedures, also traceability of each component in the design is assured. Therefore, the quality of each single product is guaranteed within the system.


Working without harming the environment and people
To expand the product range according to customer needs
Providing the most reliable and highest quality service
Expand product range according to customer needs

All sub-contractors have ISO9001 certificates while material tests and calibrations are performed via accredited organizations. Design department coupled with the R&D team, apart from production, works completely in close contact with the quality team. New amendments to the relevant rules and regulations are closely followed and necessary revisions are covered by the production line. Both IMO publications and ISO standards, as well as individual class requirements are taken into consideration during product development by the R&D branch. ABS PV, presently on the certification process of ISO 9001 quality management system, establishes an integrated management system backbone including environmental and occupational health and safety systems. With the participation of all individuals of the organization, ABS PV serves it’s costumers with certain reliability.


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